If you'd like to become a member of Glasgow Western Masters please feel free to come along.  For £10 you can come and try 3 sessions.  If you then wish to join then the £10 will be deducted from your fees.  There you'll meet some of our regular members and get to chat and ask any questions you may have.

Go to Find Us to see our address and a map showing where we train.

Membership of Glasgow Western Masters will used to include membership of SASA which provides insurance during training and events.  However due to the increased cost of SASA membership the way we pay this has changed. Initial payment will be paid by the individual using the SASA online registration.  Membership can then be paid by the club subsequently. Speak to the treasurer or secretary for clarification.
The memberships we offer are;

(New rates to be confirmed)
Full Membership:            £264 / £22 pcm     (non Baths member)
Full Membership:            £140 / £13.67 pcm (Baths member)
Student Membership:      £120 / £10 pcm     (full-time students/under-graduates)
Associate Membership:   £60                      (for those who prefer to train predominantly elsewhere but wish to remain associated with the club
                                                                 for competitions and to attend our frequent social events)

What you get for your money:
  •     Access to all 4 training sessions per week almost every week of the year except 1
  •     Tuesday night Coached session and infrequent Friday night coaching
  •     SASA Membership (the Scottish Swimming governing body) which provides all members with Insurance during training & competitions.  SASA Membership also allows to to attend any of the planned Masters Training at the Scottish Swimming Academy in Stirling when available - so far these have all been free of charge.

In addition we are also kindly allowed to use the Deep End bar and you can also attend any of our frequent social events.

If you wish to take the plunge then please click on the link below to access the Scottish Swimming Online Registration System.

SASA MembershipScottish Swimming Online Registration